Long tail book

Finished “Long tail” book by Chris Anderson. Main idea about that selling mass things changes by new technologies – and how it impact on business.

I remember that a lot of discussion was about internet, and how people in internet like steal copyrighted property, and how many billions owners loose. I understood that’s bullshit, but I didn’t think about any arguments about that.

First thing – that people like not to pay for another work. That’s not correct, because usually people don’t like to pay for shit, which some sales try to sell them. Usually, if somebody try to sell you something that you really don’t need, and with some psychological tricks success – you will be not satisfied after, because you understand that you was cheated. That’s why people don’t want to pay for things which they hold in hands or download on computer, if this things don’t add value for them.

Another things about choice – if you can pick from a high variety of goodness, you have a more chance to buy something that fit right you. And not to buy “common” thing. And of course in this situation sold of common things goes down – but for summary sold of all things goes up. So, if you are a manufacturer – don’t sit and wait, create new product and ideas. Like Coca-Cola sell usually drinks like Cola or Sprite, but also you can buy some brands like sport Aquarius or another style drinks – but manufacturer the same.

Conclusion: good to read.


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